2018-2019 Designated Giving Project: Classroom Furniture
Lower School STEAM SmartLab®
Three A's Capital Campaign
McCarthy-Maher Endowment
Designated Endowment in honor of the Lambert Family
Designated Endowment in honor of Virginia Satisky
Designated Endowment in honor of Lulie Harry
Designated Endowment in memory of Kim Calabrese
General Endowment
Lower School STEAM SmartLab®
Our goal as educators is to prepare students for the future. That has become more and more of a moving target due to technological advancements. Cutting-edge technologies that our students are exposed to today may be obsolete by the time they graduate. It is imperative that our students learn how to think critically and become technologically nimble.

August of 2018, Fayetteville Academy became the first private school in North Carolina to open a SmartLab® for Middle and Upper Schools. We are now trying to bring this same learning opportunity to our Lower School by building two more SmartLabs®. Each Lowero School SmartLab® (one for PK-2nd grades and the other 3rd-5th grades) will focus on current science curriculum, but will also be able to engage the students with projects and activities utilizing Project Based Learning (PBL) concepts. Students will be exposed to robotics, renewable energy, software coding, video production, and much, much more (depending on grade level).

$400,000 Goal

Naming Rights (PK-2) = $75,000
Naming Rights (3-5) = $75,000

Naming Rights for Computer Lab = $30,000
Naming Rights for Lower School Art Room = $30,000

Typical donations could be used for...
Keyboards, drawing tables, etc. = $300
Classroom kits = $500
Software = $1,000
Desks, chairs, tables = $1,500
iPads and other hardware = $2,000
Desktops, laptops, etc. = $5,000
3D printers, SmartBoards, etc. = $7,500
Robotics, drones, circuitry kits = $10,000
Curriculum for jabs = $15,000

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