Annual Fund 2020-21
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Lower School STEAM SmartLab®
Three A's Capital Campaign
Endowment in honor of McCarthy-Maher
Designated Endowment in honor of the Lambert Family
Designated Endowment in honor of Virginia Satisky
Designated Endowment in honor of Lulie Harry
Giving to Fayetteville Academy
Your gift to the Fayetteville Academy makes a difference to every student and teacher in our school community. Your participation is key. Each gift, no matter what size, makes a difference. This is why we ask you to participate and make a gift to the Academy today. Fayetteville Academy is an institution with 501 (c)(3) classification allowing donations to be tax deductible as permitted by current tax laws.

To make a gift through a secure online server, please click below on the MAKE A DONATION button.
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